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My name is Bren Murphy and I came to personal coaching after a massive time of change in my life.

Often, the going is slow when you are in the middle of a growth stage.  So slow, in fact, that it can be bleak and overwhelming.

I know how it feels – I’ve lived and breathed it as a start up business owner (that once established sold over $2m worth of product) and also as a husband for 11 years, and now a father to three beautiful daughters.  Life can be a little bit too full on at times – and that was how I found myself one night back in 2012, lying in the back of an ambulance, wondering when I would next see my family.

Later that night, (maybe it was early the next morning), I was fortunate enough to have the clarity and self composure to make a promise to myself – to never let myself go to the point beyond overwhelm where I would experience this loss of control and hopelessness.  I decided to start afresh, and vowed to rebuild each and every area of my life to be the best possible version of myself.

Now, in 2016, looking back I can say I have made substantial progress and transformed myself from a luckless loser alcoholic with a penchant for self pity into a resilient, accountable and healthy speaker, author and personal coach.  It has been the making of me as a person and it is a privilege to share the insights, and understandings I have learned through courses, training and my Life Coaching Certification.


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Mr Listener

You’ll learn the most about yourself from questions posed by a professional listener.

You’ll feel at ease and grow comfortable enough to reveal exactly what it is that is holding you back.  

Self inquiry supported by a curious and attentive listener gets results.

You’ll appreciate the laser coaching style I use.  It’s to the point, in a supportive and reflective manner.

Led by you, always about you – it’s self directed exploration with a good natured guide to help you fearlessly go forward..

Bren Murphy
Principal Consultant


Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.
Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

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