About Bren Murphy

About Bren Murphy

Hi, I’m Bren Murphy and I am a professional personal coach. That means I work alongside people like you.

After a particularly challenging phase of my life, I realized I was cut out to be a professional coach and began to re-arrange things to make space for personal coaching.  Here’s the moment that changed everything…

I had run about 16kms in my second half marathon and my whole body was beginning to stiffen and my muscles screamed for me to stop. With a calmness and certainty I had not felt before, I waved that aside and allowed it as “just a thought” and kept on running.  Each time the pain waves surged in intensity, I removed myself and experienced the feeling not as pain but as a deep, intense warmth – a vibrant energy – and ran on.

Being able to accept a challenging present with equanimity is something I learned from personal development courses, reading and consistent doing / practice.  It’s also something I have gleaned from my yoga practice.  Although this has deep spiritual elements, I don’t push any particular religious barrow and embrace and accept your leanings on faith unequivocally.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching is centered on unlocking your potential to maximize your performance.  Improving your performance can be as vast and varied as

  • overcoming fear
  • letting go of limiting beliefs
  • exploring what life will be like once you quit smoking cigarettes
  • donating kilograms back to the universe
  • starting your creative enterprise
  • ending toxic relationships

The key to effective personal coaching is developing skills, confidence and lifestyle habits to make the transformation possible.

My personal style is grounded in subtle, non-directive coaching – listening, asking questions, exploring and probing – to go beyond your previous boundaries.

You’ll gain insight and confidence through your self guided self resolution.

You’ll never hear me say “What I would do is x, y and z” – it’s never about advice.

What exactly does a Personal Coach do?

Your experience with coaching is led by self discovery – so at first it may appear vague and non-specific, but it is actually quite goal driven and accountable.  Once you experience the flow, you’ll see how powerful it is and appreciate why Life Coaching is so highly regarded by self-actualized people.

We’ll establish a rapport and build together a collaborative relationship based on trust, authenticity and integrity.  It’s about breaking the delusion that personal development is just something that happens as a matter of course as life unfolds.  Profound leaps forward can be achieved in breakthrough sessions over a short time frame – ask about laser coaching.

We kickstart the personal coaching process by launching with an exploration of your essential nature, an archetype discovery and identifying your core values. This is the foundational base of heart-centered process, and empowers you with complete ownership of the your personal coaching experience right from the start.

Increased self awareness is a gift to yourself – you’re guaranteed to feel lighter, more complete and in touch with yourself.  You’ll breakthrough limiting beliefs, reconcile with your strengths and quite possibly embark on life-changing tasks.

Life Coaching awakens an understanding of radical self care for many participants.

Ok, that’s what you can expect – I would like to offer you an opportunity to meet live in my group webinar – an interactive life coaching experience where you’re invited to participate.  It’s on Thursdays 7pm Sydney Australia time (current July 2016)

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